ARTful Catalyst

Constant artistic synergy is at the core of ARTful Catalyst's mission connecting artists, institutions, art collectors and the public. At ARTful Catalyst, we believe that the creative process is fostered in the dynamic collaboration of partners sharing like-minded goals for art solutions. Inspired by art in all its forms, ARTful Catalyst will serve our client’s interests and needs.  


Specializing in traditional and contemporary Korean art as well as Korean American art, ARTful Catalyst endeavors to contribute to a transparent, robust art environment creating an effective knowledge-based system of art. Through in-depth research, sustained site and studio visits with open conversations, ARTful Catalyst will discover, stimulate, and foster emerging and established artists to further develop individual identities to a greater global audience. For institutional and private clients, ARTful Catalyst will offer a wide range of innovative visions for their collections, exhibitions, and programs. In this way, ARTful Catalyst will provide artists, collectors, art institutions, and the public a fresh, creative way of engaging the world with Korean and Korean American art. 


With combined experience of several decades in Korea and in the United States, TMG* team members at ARTful Catalyst are conscientious of cultural sensitivities, art history, art trends, and each artists’ specific circumstances. ARTful Catalyst's mission is to facilitate a progressive trajectory and successful conclusion of projects. By fostering our mission, ARTful Catalyst will bring positive change that can transform, connect and restore our art world. 

*TMG is a name that denotes the group of staff and various advisors who are engaged and dedicated to finding the best art solutions for ARTful Catalyst clients.


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