Miran Lim Lee Art Director 



Born in Seoul, Korea, the main interest of Miran Lim Lee has been about design and art. She majored in product design in both undergraduate and graduate program. After obtaining the degrees in art, she worked as a designer for six years as well as an art and craft teacher for three years. In between degrees, Miran was fortunate to travel to twenty-five countries and one hundred cities in the world along with similar numbers of towns in her country. This special experience has influenced her creative thinking in art.

Since 2004, Miran has been fascinated by and focused more on traditional Korean needlework, especially in the philosophy and techniques of bojagi, traditional Korean wrapping cloth. After mastering the techniques and studying the history of the tradition, Miran quickly started to develop her own art styles harmonizing the traditional bojagi and modern sensibility.  Embracing both the traditional and contemporary ideas by using rare antique materials and adopting new ideas. 

In November 2009, she moved to the U.S. with her family. Living in a foreign country, she has tried to express her feelings about foreignness and adjusting history in her art. After moving to the Bay Area, her ideas of preserving hand-stitching and old materials grew stronger. Furthermore, she became more interested in promoting Korean art and culture outside of Korea based on her artistic visions and travel experiences. Miran is eager to contribute to the art world in the US and Korea by practicing art as well as being a creative art director for ARTful Catalyst TMG.


Selected Solo Exhibitions

  • “Out of Square”, March, 2011, KCC Gallery, Englewood, NJ

  • “Silk and Thread”, June, 2008, Lotte Culture Center, Suji, Korea


Selected Group Exhibitions

  • “Ewha Textile Exhibition”, October, 2019, Ewha Art Museum, Seoul, Korea  

  • “51st Annual Textile Exhibition”, August, 2019 – September, Olive Hyde Art Gallery, Fremont, CA

  • "Geon Gon Gam Ri, Beyond the Distance", May, 2019, San Ramon City Hall Gallery, San Ramon, CA

  • “Ewha Textile Exhibition”, September, 2018, Ewha Art Museum, Seoul, Korea

  • “Small Art”, December, 2018, AWD main Gallery, San Rafael, CA

  • “East – West Conversations in Fiber”, June, 2018, Sierra Arts Gallery, Reno, NV

  • “Dwelling in Between”, August, 2018 – September, 2018, Consulate General of the Republic Korea in San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

  • “In-Between Places: Korean American Artist in the Bay Area”, September, 2017 – December, 2017, Mills College   Art Museum, Oakland, CA

  • “Exhibition for the Inauguration of SF Korean American Museum”, June, 2015, Hankook-ilbo Culture Center, Group, Oakland, CA                                                                                       

  • “The 47th Annual Textile Exhibition”, August, 2015 – September, 2015, Olive Hyde Art Gallery, Fremont, CA

  • “Olive Hyde Art Guild Members’ Juried Show”, June, 2013 – July, 2013, Olive Hyde Art Gallery, Fremont, CA

  • “Out of the Ordinary”, April, 2009 – May, 2009, Kyung-in Art Museum, Seoul, Korea

  • “Herald Korean Art & Culture Festival”, April, 2008, Selected Collection, Korea Herald Media, Seoul, Korea

  • “Needle Scent”, June, 2007 – July, 2007, Jewelry Center Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea

  • “Herald Korean Art & Culture Festival”, April, 2007, Selected Collection, Korea Herald Media, Seoul, Korea

  • “Silk Craft”, Samsung Plaza Culture Center, June, 2006, Bundang, Korea


Works in Collections


  • Secret Window, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, San Francisco CA

  • San Francisco, the Peninsula, Korean Consulate General in San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

  • The White Cloth Clad, SF Korean America Museum, Oakland, CA

  • The Armful of Five Cardinal Colors, SF Korean America Museum, Oakland, CA


Education and Work Experiences

  • Consulting and advisory curator for the Korean Consulate Galley of San Francisco, July, 2018 – January, 2020, San Francisco, CA

  • Lecturer and curator for the group ‘Bay Stitchers”, September, 2015 – Present, Fremont, CA

  • Lecturer for Lotte cultural center, March, 2008 – June, 2009, Suji, Korea

  • Assistant purser for Korean air, August, 1991 – June, 2007, Seoul, Korea

  • Private studies in Korean Traditional Needlework under Master J W Jun, April, 2004-June, 2010, Seoul, Korea

  • Master’s Degree in Art (Major Product Design), Ewha Women's University, January, 1995, Seoul, Kora

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Art (Major Product Design) Ewha Women's University, February, 1990, Seoul, Korea